Release Information

Stock Media files are 'released' or 'not released' however, files may not be required to be released. It's a mouthful, but simply defined it's all dependent on if the file is going to be licensed for Commercial Use or Editorial Use. Let's review some basic principals regarding releases and some common release information when previewing stock media files on Media Bakery.

No release on file. May not be applicable.
What this message means is that no model or property releases have been obtained for this file; however, releases may not be required for some commercial use.

So what does this really mean?
This can depend on the content of a file and the way in which it is used. Model and property releases ensure depicted individuals and property, e.g. brands, homes, etc. contained within an file are cleared for commercial use. However, if a file does not contain an individual or property, then commercial use of the file will not require any model or property releases as there will be no one to obtain a release from. Even if a selected file does contain an individual or property for which no model or property release has been obtained, you may still be ok to use this file for commercial use under one of the following options:

1. Evaluate the risk of commercial use associated with the individual(s)/property contained in the file. For example, where an individual is unrecognizable or property does not consist of nor contain any home, logo, brand, recognizable business nor any item that might itself be protected by copyright, then there might well be no risk that warrants the obtaining of a release. Given the immense variety of possible uses of a file and varying local laws, you're solely responsible for determining the need for a release and you'll need to accept any possible resulting risk in these circumstances.

2. Digitally remove the individual(s) or property from the file. For peace of mind, choose to remove potentially problematic items from the file. But nonetheless, in doing so, you again accept any possible risk resulting in these circumstances.

3. Contact Media Bakery. We can help you get clearances that might be appropriate for your situation if you feel you require additional clearance.

Defining Commercial Use.
Generally speaking, Commercial Use means a advertising message intended to sell a product, raise money or promote something. An example would be an advertising, promotional, marketing, advertorial or merchandising use. This is in contrast to an editorial use intended to report a newsworthy event or illustrate a matter of general interest, for which typically no releases are required.

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