Galvani´s animal electricity test (1780), antique drawing stock photo

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Galvani´s animal electricity test (1780), antique drawing

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1700S, 18Th Century, Aged, Animal, Antiquated, Antique, Antiquity, Archaic, Artefact, Black, Black And White, Classic, Clipping Path, Colourless, Contrast, Curiosity, Cut-Out, Describe, Disused, Document, Draw, Drawing, Electricity, Epoch, Experiment, Feature, Figure, Frog, Galvani, Graphical, Hand, Holding, Horizontal, Illustration, Illustrative, Legend, Luigi, Medicine, Monotone, Muscle, Obsolete, Off, Old, Origin, Original, Past, Period, Preserved, Publication, Replica, Reproduce, Reproduction, Research, Retro, Retrospect, Revive, Science, Surface, Test, Unusual, White, White Background, gully, life science, skill, age group, discipline, thinking, writing, investigation, black, scientific research, procreation, artwork, magnitude, characteristic, medical science, disused, vogue, old man, historic period, psychological state, prosody, wonder, experiment, retro, medicine, cutout, forth, contrast, exemplifying, colorless, monotone, period of time, cognitive state, legend, electricity, blackness, origin, primitive, period, antiquity, experimentation, story, publication, literary composition, frog, fiction, master, white, valley, direction, retrospect, archaic, adult, intonation, copy, old-timer, illustrative, graphic, science, work, era, reproduction, male, root, example, fashion, classic, taste, replica, aged, trial, feature, mechanism, epoch, strange, animal, papers, test, document, draw, toad, hand, curiosity, horizontal, man, attempt, original, person, switch, amphibian, muscle, drawing

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3695x2463px | 12.3"x8.2" @ 300dpi