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  • Stock photo ID: AFS1633164
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Abhaya, Acid, Alterative, Anthelmintic, Anthraquinone, Aperitive, Asia, Asian, Asthma, Astringent, Axillary, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Medicine, Backgrounds, Bahed, Bal, Bellerica, Bisexual, Bleeding, Bloat, Bract, Brown, Caduceus, Calyces, Calyx, Calyxes, Campanulate, Carrying, Chebula, Chebulic, Close, Close-Up, Color Image, Combretaceae, Cooking, Cough, Cuisine, Cut, Deciduous, Disease, Dried, Drying, Dysmenorrhoea, Ebracteate, Edema, Elliptic, Enhance, Epigynous, Eye, Fearlessness, Five, Flower, Food, Forest, Free, Free-Standing, Fruit, Gargle, Gum, Harad, Harada, Haritaki, Healing, Health, Heartburn, Hemorrhoid, Herb, Herbal, Hiccough, Hirda, India, Indian, Indigestion, Indoors, Industry, Infection, Inflorescence, Intelligence, Item, Jaundice, Laminae, Laryngitis, Laxative, Leaf, Leucorrhea, Leukorrhea, Life, Lobe, Maharashtra, Medicinal, Medicine, More, Mouth, Myrobalan, Natural, Nervine, Nut, Oblong, Opposite, Out, Outline, Ovate, Pale, Paniculate, Parasite, Peduncle, Pentamerous, Petiolate, Pod, Product, Prolapse, Ratnagiri, Remedy, Restorative, Reticulate, Retz, Salty, Sanskrit, Seed, Seedpod, Sessile, Several, Silo, Simple, Single, Small, Sore, Soreness, South, Spermatorrhea, Spike, Standing, Stem, Still Life, Strip, Sub, Subulate, Sun, Synsepalous, Tannin, Terminal, Terminalia, Therapeutical, Thing, Tomentose, Tonic, Toothpaste, Tree, Triphala, Unicostate, Urinary, Vaginitis, Vegetables, Vibhitaki, Vitamin, Warm, White, Wisdom, Woody Woodpecker, Yellow, Young, urinary, edema, swelling, tidings, concern, yellow, bract, woods, asian, dainty, age group, discipline, testis, cut, asthma, electrical discharge, disability, young, passage, woody plant, wood, amerind, eye, sanskrit, brown, tonic, mixture, lobe, cherry plum, remedy, ill health, sessile, merchandise, silo, orifice, axillary, fortune, hemorrhoid, plant part, solution, parasite, item, fruit tree, small, cognitive state, tower, medicative, therapeutic, gargle, peduncle, picket, bleeding, tea, heartburn, standing, achiever, growth, close, hemorrhage, cleansing agent, psychological state, dentifrice, ebracteate, flower, leaf, tenderness, sun, cooking, deciduous, asia, lumber, health, inflammation, celestial body, medicine, badge, symbol, oblong, fearlessness, vaginitis, warm, disagreeableness, nature, herb, vitamin, free, stem, calyx, respiratory disease, rima, disposition, medical science, paniculate, news, flowering, cough, closeup, reverse, ace, round shape, industry, blossoming, produce, curative, tannin, maharashtra, indo-iranian, south, healing, indigestion, family, simple, sweet, one, strip, oval, pod, writing, pentamerous, soft drink, landmass, leukorrhea, district, warship, reticulate, toothpaste, submarine, interest, spike, prolapse, herb tea, injury, reflex, prosperity, life, emblem, vehicle, infection, wisdom, sore, hiccup, craft, caduceus, pain, white, symptom, ayurveda, photograph, word, bloat, science, inside, tree, bitterness, youth, husk, contrary, foliage, vermifuge, root, plum, insignia, illness, plate, mucus, bisexual, purgative, tomentose, india, good fortune, indic, gland, cure, formulation, sheath, ship, building material, cuisine, respective, acid, end, life science, combretaceae, 1, food, unity, 5, forest, phenol, vegetable, egg-shaped, vegetation, lamina, indo-european, plant, astringent, star, freestanding, separate, unfitness, submersible, enlargement, laxative, fruit, mouth, curiosity, endocrine gland, chewing gum, coil, campanulate, asian country, inspiration, piquant, natural, outline, failure, wellbeing, disease, person, beverage, military vehicle, laryngitis, five, fact, woody_plant, plant_part

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