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1-6 Months, Adventure, Bell, Bodhisattva, Book, Buddha, Buddhism, Ceremony, Chadar, Chaddar, Chanting, Cold Temperature, Color Image, Contemporary, Diamond, Expedition, Finger, Grandmother, Hand, Happy, Himalayas, Horizontal, House, India, Jammu And Kashmir, Ladakh, Ladakhi, Lecture, Lingshed, Old, Pooja, Prayer, Puja, Reading, Religion, Roof, Rooftop, Spiritual, Sun, Sunbathing, Tantra, Thunderbolt, Tibetan, Tour, Traditional, Trek, Trekking, Vajra, Winter, Wisdom, Woman, Zanskar, show, contemporary, chador, grandparent, discipline, rooftop, electrical discharge, writing, tibeto-burman, presentation, woman, song, head covering, undertaking, lightning, baseball diamond, protective covering, spiritual, vocal music, house, thunderbolt, operation, entertainment, sun, grandmother, finger, celestial body, lecture, appeal, music genre, bolt, grandma, peer, faith, signaling device, himalayas, tour, dwelling, campaign, bell, address, infield, singing, publication, district, housing, humanistic discipline, himalayish, music, happy, direction, performing arts, season, wisdom, virtue, granny, intonation, religious music, trek, acoustic device, work, sino-tibetan, roof, musical composition, sanskrit literature, expedition, india, prayer, clothing, ceremony, winter, travel, range, cardinal virtue, buddhism, book, social event, atmospheric electricity, literature, star, hand, diversion, journey, entreaty, adventure, horizontal, tibetan, asian country, morality, building, musical performance, request, religious song, traditional, person, religious belief, linguistic process, adult

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