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Business people in meeting

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3 people, 30-34 years, 30, 30s, 50-54 years, absorbed, absorbed in, accessibility, adult, adult education, adult female, adult male, adult learning, african, african ethnicity, african descent, african native, african ethnicities, anticipation, arranging, assembly, associate, association, black african, bloke, bright, brightly lit, bright lighting, business, business meeting, business people, businessman, businessmen, businesswoman, businesswomen, business man, business woman, business person, businesses, caucasian, caucasians, centering on, chap, classroom, co-worker, coaction, collaborate, collaborates, collaborating, collaboration, collaborations, colleague, colleagues, color, color image, colour, communicating, communicate, communicates, communicated, communication, communications, colour image, color images, coming together, combined effort, compliance, collaborated, concentrating, concentrate, concentrates, concentrated, concentration, connecting, connect, connects, connected, connection, connexion, contemplation, convenience, cooperating, cooperate, cooperates, cooperated, cooperation, coordination, continuing education, convenient, convergence, connections, conveyance, confluence, conveniences, conveniently, colored image, coworker, coworkers, cyberspace, day, days, daydreaming, daylight, daytime, dedication, dude, e-mail, e-mailing, e-mails, ease, ease of use, education, electronic mail, email, emailing, employed, expedience, fellow, fellow worker, female, focus, focused, focuses, focusing, focusing on, focussing, further education, gal, gathering, gentleman, grasping, guy, head and shoulder, head and shoulders, hope, horizontal, horizontally, horizontal orientation, human being, image, individual, indoor, indoors, information superhighway, inside, internet, internets, interconnection, job retraining, joint action, knowledge, laboring, lady, laptop, laptop computer, laptops, lateral, learning, learn, learns, learned, lens flare, liaison, likeness, link, male, man, mature adult, mature adults, mature student, mature men, meet, meeting, meetings, meets, men, met, mid adult, mid adults, mid adult women, mixed ethnicity, mixed race, mixed race people, mixed race person, mobile, mobility, movability, net, noting, of african descent, of european descent, on-line, online, organizing, partnership, paying attention, pen, people, pensive, peoples, person, photo, photographic, photography, picture, planning, plan, plans, planned, portable computer, practicality, preparation, propitiousness, pupil, readying, researching, sat, school, scholarship, seated, self improvement, shot, sideways, sit, sits, sitting, snapshot, soft focus, student, students, studying, synergy, taking notes, teamwork, technologies, technology, thinking, thirties, thirty-something, three people, timeliness, toiling, togetherness, transmission, understanding, usability, usefulness, using laptop, web, western european, western european descent, white, white collar worker, white person, wireless technology, woman, women, woman in the workplace, women in the workplace, work, worked, working, works, working together, working woman, world wide web, work together, workfellow, works together, work fellow, worked together, writing, writing instrument, writing utensil, www, closeness, rest, opportunism, fidelity, availability, happiness, discipline, similarity, program, dandy, belonging, advantage, lateral pass, gadget, expectation, social event, repose, timing, room, prize, gift, undertaking, mental image, instruction, excavation, temporal arrangement, captive, businessperson, pass, selfishness, saturday, sameness, twenty-four hours, network, cognition, seasonableness, handiness, writing implement, knowing, transportation, favorableness, attention, contrivance, time of life, peer, football play, day of the week, ore, sending, training, thirty, serviceability, weekday, verbal creation, profession, promise, business activity, utility, eruditeness, fella, companion, union, creativity, system, asset, schoolroom, reflective, friend, similitude, direction, relationship, reverie, computer network, comrade, photograph, skillfulness, temporal property, apprehension, appliance, engineering, computer, aid, conformity, stinginess, auspiciousness, life, imagination, someone, gallon, educational institution, sidewise, composing, engrossed, machine, application, causing, interior, handily, perusal, play, lad, athletic contest, brooding, faculty, mineral, dressed ore, contest, thought, personal computer, enrollee, linguistic process, sexual relationship, grownup, electronic communication, dream, Saturday, head_and_shoulders, lens_flare

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