Rock climbers high-fiving on rock wall stock photo

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Rock climbers high-fiving on rock wall

  • ID: CAA1004857
  • Release: This has a signed model released.
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20-24 years, 30-34 years, advancement, adventure, ambition, arms outstretched, ascending, aspirations, athletic, bonding, boyfriend, caucasian, challenge, cliff, climbing, climbing rope, color image, confident, connection, conquering adversity, cooperation, courage, craggy, day, dedication, determination, endurance, energy, extreme sports, freedom, full length, getting away from it all, girlfriend, goals, health, healthy living, heterosexual couple, high-five, holding hands, horizontal, husband, inner strength, lifestyle, low angle view, man, mid adult, mid adult women, millennial, motion, nature, on the move, outdoors, part of a series, partner, people, photography, rear view, recreation, risk, rock, rock climber, rock climbing, rock face, rock formation, rope, scaling, skill, sports, standing, strength, support, teamwork, the way forward, travel, two people, vitality, weekend activities, wife, woman, working together, young adult, young men, 2 people, 30, 30s, ability, accomplice, 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