Glass shots of golden tequila with salty rim and slices of lemon on top stock photo

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Glass shots of golden tequila with salty rim and slices of lemon on top

  • Stock photo ID: FCL1011416
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Action, Alcohol, Alcoholic, Basic Food, Being Poured, Being Poured In, Being Poured Out, Being Salted, Beverage, Beverages, Blur, Blurred, Bottle, Bottles, Citric, Citrone, Citrus, Citrus Limon, Citrus fruit, Classic Seasonings, Classic Spices, Close, Close Up, Close-, Close-Range Photograph, Close-Range Photographs, Close-Up, Close-Ups, Closeup, Closeups, Cocktail, Cocktails, Common Salt, Condiment, Container, Containers, Cooking Salt, Crockery, Deserted, Dishware, Drink, Drinks, Flavouring, Focus, Food, Food And Drink, Foodcollection, Foods, Foodstuffs, Fruit, Fruits, Furnishings, Furniture, Glass, Glass Container, Gold Colored, Gold Coloured, Gold-Colored, Gold-Coloured, Golden, Indoor, Indoor Photo, Indoor Photos, Indoor Shot, Indoor Shots, Indoors, Inside, Interior, Interior Photo, Interior Photos, Interior Shot, Interior Shots, Interior View, Lemon, Lemon Wedge, Lemon Wedges, Lemons, Motion, Motions, Movement, Movements, Moving, Multiple, Near, No One, No-One, Nobody, Nutrition, Out Of Focus, Pour, Pour in, Pour out, Poured, Poured Out, Pouring, Pouring In, Pouring Out, Receptacle, Receptacles, Recipe on request, Royalty Free, Salt, Salt Border, Salt Rim, Salting, Salts, Schnapps Glass, Seasoning, Several, Shot glass, Shots, Soft Focus, Spice, Spirits Glass, Staple, Studio Photo, Studio Photos, Studio Shots, Studio shot, Table, Table Salt, Tableware, Tequila, Tequilla, Timber Table, Tropical Fruit, Tropical Fruits, Unfocused, Vessel, Vessels, Wooden Table, Wooden Tables, golden, shot, gold, alcoholic, seasoning, tequila, indoor, citric, focus, commoner, sustenance, tableware, furnishing, table, drinker, close, concentration, shooting, clothing, mixed drink, cipher, respective, lemon, alcohol, salting, flavorer, tube, blurred, unfocused, citrus, beverage, edible fruit, virtually, blur, interior, drunkard, receptacle, furniture, liquor, ingredient, gold-colored, multiple, cocktail, food, drink, grocery, accessory, helping, glass, fruit, closeup, faculty, end, ware, spice, photograph, preservative, plant part, consumer, inside, attention, salt, person, produce, bottle, propulsion, condiment, raw material, food_and_drink, plant_part

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