Rows of bored office workers working in gray cubicles stock photo

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Rows of bored office workers working in gray cubicles

  • ID: IKN0011252
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50-59 years, 50s, adult, adults, adversity, adversities, bored, business, businesses, caucasian, caucasians, clock, clocks, co worker, co workers, co-worker, co-workers, colleague, colleagues, color image, company, companies, colour image, color images, colour images, conformity, corporate, corporates, coworker, coworkers, corporate business, cubicle, cubicles, day, days, desk, desks, drudgery, elevated view, elevated views, employee, employees, facial expression, fifties, front view, front views, gloomy, gray, group, groups, grey, head and shoulders, high angle view, high angle views, horizontal, horizontals, human, humans, illustration, illustrations, image, images, large group of people, large group, large groups, large groups of people, lots, males, man, man's, many, mature, mature adult, mature adults, mature men, mature man, men, men's, middle age, middle aged, middle-aged, misery, miserable, miseries, obscured face, office, offices, office worker, office work, office workers, office partition, office partitions, paperwork, people, person, row, rows, sad, sadness, someone, unhappiness, unhappy, view from above, views from above, white, work, worker, working, works, workstation, workstations, toilet, poor, facility, excavation, glooming, accord, fellow, computer, piteous, furnishing, 50, table, business activity, decade, twenty-four hours, misfortune, hapless, closet, mental image, machine, pile, animal, mass, direction, associate, timepiece, agreement, formation, heap, peer, fifty, grouping, furniture, fortune, room, undertaking, life, batch, stall, public toilet, men's room, grownup, ill-being, male, example, booth, elevated_view, front_view, head_and_shoulders

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