Mould (Cladosporium spp.) hyphae and spores, SEM stock photo

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Mould (Cladosporium spp.) hyphae and spores, SEM

  • ID: SPY0083148
  • Editorial Use: Yes
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22237b, Airborne, Allergen, Allergenic, Asthma, Blastomycosis, Bronchospasm, Candidiasis, Chromoblastomycosis, Cladosporium, Cladosporioides, Conidium, Conidiospores, Conidiospore, Conidiophore, Conidia, Colored, Coloured, Deuteromycete, Disease, Elatum, Electron, Emphysema, Entomophthoramycocis, Eukaryote, Extrinsic, False-coloured, False-colored, Fungi, Fungus, Fungal, Herbarum, Histoplasmosis, Hormodendrum, Human, Hypha, Hyphae, Imperfecti, Infection, Indoor, Keratomycosis, Micrograph, Mildew, Mould, Moulds, Mycelia, Mycelium, Mycosis, Onychomycosis, Outdoor, Pathogen, Phaeophphomycocis, Pigmented, Pulmonary, Scanning, Sem, Sinusitis, Skin, Slime, Soil, Sphaerospermum, Spore, Spores, Sporangia, Sporangium, Yeast, fungal, scanning, outdoor, microorganism, fungal infection, blastomycosis, spore, sporangium, indoor, bronchospasm, fibril, illness, kingdom, human, skin, sludge, hominid, pulmonary, chromoblastomycosis, fermion, spasm, dirtiness, lepton, elementary particle, compression, decay, human being, propulsion, extrinsic, dirt, eukaryote, airborne, cast, emphysema, outside, black, conidiophore, animal, soil, constriction, pathogen, inflammation, body, keratomycosis, fiber, mildew, yeast, mycelium, conidium, leaven, agamete, infection, candidiasis, infectious agent, electron, sinusitis, ill health, zymosis, allergen, mammal, press, asthma, symptom, man, spoilage, fungus, particle, plant part, primate, colored person, disease, fungi, allergenic, person, pneumonic, hypha, push, respiratory disease, pathologic process

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