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Employee being supervised by boss

  • ID: STN0003204
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3 People, Afternoon, Anxiety, Anxious, Anxiousness, Big brother, Boss, Bosses, Business, Ceo, Ceos, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Executive Officers, Control, Controlling, Day, Daylight, Daytime, Dominating, Drawing, Drawings, Employee, Employer, Face, Faces, Group of people, Human Face, Human Likeness, Human Representations, Human Faces, Illustration, Illustrations, Illustration And Painting, Indoors, Inside, Labor, Males, Male representation, Manager, Managers, Managing director, Md, Mds, Men, Negative, Negativity, Nobody, Observation, Occupation, Office, Offices, Only Men, Painting, Paintings, People, Profession, Seated, Sit, Sits, Sitting, Standing, Stand, Supervised, Surveillance, Three People, Unfriendly, Vertical, Watching, Work, Workers, Worker, Working, sensory activity, supervisor, office, people, excavation, executive, profession, head, commoner, manager, polarity, daylight, measurement, chief executive officer, drawing, psychological state, health professional, standing, twenty-four hours, art, viewpoint, working, doctor, police work, watching, direction, negative, surveillance, power, graphic art, investigation, superior, animal, interior, anxiety, leader, body, foreman, administrator, vertical, sitting, occupational group, worker, employer, boss, director, corporate executive, unfriendly, cipher, anxious, adult, artwork, standpoint, day, negativity, man, physician, picture, task, observation, look, undertaking, inside, work, job, face, project, person, medical practitioner, afternoon, employee, professional, male, painting, example, sensing

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