White bird flying in thunderstorm, holding briefcase stock photo

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White bird flying in thunderstorm, holding briefcase

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Adversity, Afternoon, Airborne, Animal imitation, Animal likeness, Animal representation, Animal Theme, Animal Themes, Animals in the Wild, Animal Representations, Animal Imitations, Attache Case, Attache Cases, Bad luck, Bird, Birds, Briefcase, Briefcases, Case, Cases, Danger, Dangerous, Day, Daylight, Daytime, Difficult, Difficulty, Drawing, Drawings, Effort, Exertion, Flight, Flying, Hold, Holding, Horizontal, Illustration, Illustrations, Illustration And Painting, In Flight, Jump, Jumping, Jumps, Leaping, Leap, Leaps, Lightning, Lightning Bolts, Lightning Bolt, Mid-air, Mid air, Mother Nature, Natural, Nature, Natural world, No People, Nobody, Outdoors, Outside, Painting, Paintings, Risk, Risk taking, Risk Taker, Risk Takers, Risky, Skies, Sky, Spread Wings, Stormy, The Natural World, Thunderbolt, Thunderbolts, Thunderstorm, Thunderstorms, Trying, Unlucky, Weather, White, White color, Wild, Wildlife, grip, running away, art, danger, hard, life, commoner, air travel, jump, achiever, daylight, weather, escape, thunderbolt, endeavor, drawing, trouble, risk, twenty-four hours, misfortune, sport, stormy, clutch, ill-starred, propulsion, jeopardy, electrical discharge, sky, outside, airborne, day, graphic art, leap, grasping, animal, wildlife, white, bird, difficult, exertion, picture, direction, flight, briefcase, nature, hazard, doomed, gas, thunderstorm, jumping, natural, difficulty, diversion, cipher, bolt, artwork, fortune, horizontal, hold, atmospheric electricity, clasp, case, hazardous, attempt, afternoon, dangerous, work, midair, lightning, try, person, storm, track and field, outdoors, wild, painting, example, adversity, travel, no_people

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