Media Bakery Collective Assignments

The Media Bakery Collective is a curated roster of creators specializing in demand driven content needs. The Collective is a group of hand picked professional creators that contribute to an exclusive collection of content. Assignments with our Collective affords you to commission custom imagery for your upcoming campaign or project. All assignments are executed on a 1-1 basis when you commission a creator from our exclusive collection of professional creators.

How It Works

Contact Us to get started with your first assignment. Give us a breakdown of what you’re looking for, turn around time, budget, any art direction etc. Fill out the assignment creative brief and choose which creator from the Media Bakery Collective you want to work with. From there, we’ll help coordinate with the creator to ensure the shoot goes smoothly and that your vision is accomplished. Upon completion of the shoot, you’ll have access to all images submitted.

Our assignments are a premium service and our creators deliver only the best imagery in the industry - and it's guaranteed. Many of our creators are social influencers and available for involvement in your full marketing campaign. Get started and turn your vision into a reality.