The Media Bakery Collective

Custom Visuals From The Collective

The Media Bakery Collective is a group of hand picked professional photographers & illustrators that contribute to our exclusive collection of content. Read on about the benefits of joining the Media Bakery Collective and our requirements. If you are still interested in joining the team, then fill out the application form below.

100% Exclusivity

We require all content submitted with the Media Bakery Collective to be exclusive. This means content uploaded with us can only be sold with us. You can still do prints runs of images sold with us and you can still upload to other agencies as long as it is not the same content. If you're unsure of a specific use case we'll help along the way.

We Accept...

Images, video and illustrations. We also accept film scans and occasionally mobile photography. If you are accepted, you're running with the Collective and you're shooting for real needs from real creatives.


Your style matters. We look for artist who are wanting to actively participate in the Media Bakery collective and continuously submit new content. We want to work with you to ensure success on both ends. The most active members are typically reap the most benefits!


You get 50% of every image that sells - one of the highest payouts in the industry. You'll also get premium positioning in all search results and our highest pricing tier. You'll get access to work on custom assignments from our creatives around the globe. Sound good? Apply below and we'll contact you if you're a fit!

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Thank you. We’ll be in touch if you’re a fit for the Collective