Stock Photo Tips For Graphic Designers

Stock Photo Tips For Graphic Designers


Stock Photo MagicEvery client desires unique, impactful photography to support their branding & marketing pieces. However, very few clients have the budget for a custom photo-shoot.

That’s when stock photos become a designer’s best friend. If you practice a few of the following strategic tricks, you’ll be wowing your clients and audiences with your mastery of stock photos.

Concept Is King When searching for images, go beyond the obvious first images that you find. This helps to ensure that stock photos you choose won’t be seen on another brand. Embarrasado! (Media Bakery’s free photo research services are a great help with this!)

Crop It Like It’s Hot  Did you use your photo exactly as you found it? Instead, consider cropping it or taking just a detail. This helps the image fit your composition. As an added bonus, you minimize the chance of your stock photo usage looking just like everyone else who found the same image.

What’s the Color of your parachute? Saturate color, make a duo-tone or apply other affects to the stock photos that you purchase. This helps make them convey your concept and gives them a personality all their own!

Upshift Colorize 1

It takes Two. Or Three.

When using multiple stock images within a piece, make sure they work as a set. Don’t choose based on subject matter alone. Do your photos have similar lighting, photo angles or attitude? This helps it seem like you hired one photographer for a consistent approach. When, in fact, you saved your client a ton of money by making careful stock photo choices. You’re a super star!

See for yourself. Before and after samples below show how we colorized three stock images to give them a unified, Instagram-ish vintage look.

Upshift Transform 1

With careful attention to detail, you can help your clients look like a million bucks or at least make it seem like they spent that much on a custom photo-shoot!

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Thank you to our guest contributor Richard Shanks founder of UpShift Creative in Chicago for this great article and for providing some very helpful tips to our readers.

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