Using Social Media Images to Enhance Your Brand

Using Social Media Images to Enhance Your Brand


Study after study indicates images create more excitement, more likes, and more shares on social media than text. However, the popularity of images in general does not unilaterally guarantee success. To create the greatest impact and the most buzz, select the images you share strategically. Inspire yourself by taking a look at how different companies successfully navigate the visual realm of social media:

Fun and Function

All work and no play makes life dull, and Oreo embraces this axiom in its Instagram feed. This purveyor of cream-filled cookie goodness posts a range of quirky, artistic images — all containing Oreos — to its feed, but it also includes photos of Oreo desserts and recipes.

Fans love to see the cookies in fun new arrangements, but they also appreciate the functional recipes and ideas. The fun and function approach simultaneously catches fans attention, keeps them hooked with something useful, and drives them to purchase more of the product.

Instructive Ideas

Instead of just relying on images, tech giant Intel blends images with facts and ideas. With its stream of tech, science, and nature-related photos and facts, this company turns Instagram instructive. The carefully curated images appeal to the company's client base of people who presumably love to access info on Intel products.

Rather than being mired in science and tech, other brands promote the type of learning that appeals to their client base, and this approach can include instructive photos on scarf knots, historical sites, food pairing, entertainment trivia, or virtually any other niche. The key is combining a show-stopping image with shareable info.

Brand Image

When it comes to shaping brands, images have always been extremely powerful. From the rugged and strong look of the Marlboro Man to the soft and cuddly appearance of the Downy bear, the right visual image sets the tone for a brand.

Taco Bell is tapping into the power of social media imagery to reset its brand associations, and this taco trader is taking its concept well beyond the iconic little Chihuahua. Using artsy shots of sophisticated clients and tantalizing images of its food, the company is effectively using social media to reshape its brand as innovative and cool. These images push Taco Bell forward as a potential spot for date night, a relatively new concept for the brand.

Customer Engagement

Rather than crafting images of what its clients look like to create its brand, LifeLock invites its clients to post images of themselves. The identity theft protection company draws awareness to its products and engages it clients by combining hashtags and images.

Using Facebook and Twitter as well as other platforms, LifeLock customers post pics of themselves volunteering, and they add the LifeLock hashtag in the caption. This approach has a twofold effect — it paints the brand as community-oriented and it engages clients. Clients are much more likely to follow a company and share its posts if they feel personally engaged.

Social media photos can be used to create fun buzz, inform clients, shape your brand, or engage your client base, but they can also be used to tell a story about your company or your products. Visit Media Bakery to find the best images for your social campaigns and use code SAVE20 to take 20% off your order.


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