5 Ways To Increase Creativity on Mobile

Tablets and mobile apps are making their way in the creative world. Although there are old-school designers who would never leave their workstations behind for mobile devices, many designers and photographers are creating and discovering new ways to use mobile to their advantage. Consider some of the following creative tools for tablets:

Native Apps

The beauty of tablets is they give amateurs the chance to work with sophisticated software. Just look at the Photos app that comes standard on the newest iPad Air 2 where stock images can be cropped, filtered, adjusted and retouched. And this is just a basic app, so imagine what the next generation will bring.

Social Media

Some of America's best young photographers are posting their work on the popular social media site Instagram, using nothing but an iPhone and Instagram's editing tools, which are similar but slightly more advanced than the Photos app. With Instagram's new tools, photographers can manually adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, color and fade of their photos. This allows them to have their photographs emote different feelings or change based on what they want the photograph to be used for.

Photographers of all experience levels also can follow some great photography accounts, and their own pictures improve because of it. These networks make them better — even despite the sea of terribly filtered selfies that flood the platform every day. HuffPost Arts & Culture gives a list of talented Instagram photographers for aspiring artists to follow.

Digital Pens

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a powerful tablet because it acts like a fully-functioning PC. It's also useful because it comes with a digital pen.

Although the pen certainly isn't the first of its kind to work with a tablet, it's one of the best available. Designers who use digital pens and pads on workstations will be pleased with the response time and integration features with apps like Microsoft One Note and Fresh Paint. The pen lets artists draw on the tablet with a one-to-one experience with accuracy up to one millimeter. They can choose from a variety of options on a menu, such as the color, thickness and eraser. Writers, business people and everyday users also can use the pen to write notes, draw diagrams and creatively brainstorm.

And of course, there are also a barrage of third-party apps that use the pen for creative purposes.

Professional Apps

Adobe Creative Suite isn't just for the workstation anymore. Adobe put a lot of development manpower into the creative cloud for Apple mobile devicesto make sure they aren't just water-downed versions of its desktop apps.

Take Adobe Brush, for example. Using a digital pen or finger, artists can paint with lifelike materials directly on the screen and see what's being created without the need for another display. The same goes for Photoshop. Users can manipulate stock images directly on their mobile screens without ever looking away from their hands. Adobe apps such as Color, Illustrator, Shape, Line and Sketch also are available for mobile. These apps let users create vector images, use inspiration from the real world and create and edit anything they can imagine right from their mobile device.

Stock Photos

Last but not least using images that stand out and make a statement. Finding the right image is important and can make a difference whether your customer clicks or navigate away from the page. Media Bakery's free research assistance can help you find the right image and fast.

Happy Creating!

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