How to Get Rid of Artist Block : 7 Tips to Get You Back on Track

As creatives we all struggle with it, its the monster in the room that we pretend doesn't exist so we can go on living our normal lives. But its there. Waiting for the smallest moment for you to slip up so it can consume your work life and make it a living.... Well maybe I'm exaggerating, but it is a real issue and we've come up with 7 tips to help you get back on your feet and slay that dragon.

1. Fail

You heard it right, fail.

Two of the biggest reasons for a creative block are exceedingly high expectations (that you may have imposed on yourself) and a desire for perfection. So take a chance and mess things up. Get dirty, do things you never thought would work, and let yourself fail.


2. Try Working with Someone

Working alone can create a serene and inspirational setting, but it can also be the source of boredom and loneliness. Finding yourself stuck may mean its time to reach out. Not only can working with someone mean another mind to bounce ideas off of, but they might actually force you to get your work done if they notice you lagging, offer encouragement and be a voice of reason if that perfectionist in you just won't let up.

While we at Media Bakery can't promise to be there to make sure you're getting your work done, we are here to offer assistance when you need it and can be human interaction when you just can't find it at your desk. If you reach out to Media Bakery through our site or send us an email and we can help you find an image could kickstart your project and get you out of that rut.


3. Take a Hike

Take a hike... Seriously! A chance to get away from the grind of work and to reconnect with the natural world around you is a great idea. Take a break, take a hike and get that metabolism moving. Feel the blood flowing through your veins and get motivated to go back to work. You might even find inspiration while you're out there. (Notice color pallet of the nature around you, the shapes and contours of trees and rocks, the sun falling and creating shadows)

Okay, so you can't get literally get outside, at least take a break. I know that sounds so obvious, but its true. Grab a cup of coffee, breathe some fresh air, and take your mind off work for a little bit.

A healthy work-life balance is important. Be passionate about your work and what you do while still finding time for yourself where you can recharge and be refreshed.

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4. Change Mediums

Perhaps you just need a change of pace. Getting rid of that block might mean tapping into different channels. You are creative, use your creativity! Grab a paint brush, a camera, a pencil. Let some of that creativity flow and come up with something you wouldn't have thought of before (remember step 1, failure is okay.)

Maybe your job doesn't allow for quite that much free reign. If you're an editor, try downloading new software to test while you work. This can provide a new skill set for your resume as well as a way for you to add to your portfolio. Used to taking your own pictures? Maybe something at Media Bakery can fit your project better or give you inspiration to go off of.

5. Multitask… Or stop doing that.

It might take dividing a large task into multiple small ones in order for you to feel relief or be able to get a grasp on where to even begin. With an organized list, tackling projects can become attainable and one result leads to another until you can finally see the finish line. Because, let's be honest, is there anything that feels better than crossing something off of a To Do list?

However, if you've already got your list going and are only feeling bogged down by it, you might need to slow down. Create a list but this time put them in order of priority. Find projects that can be momentarily forgotten and let your mind rest with only one or two things to handle for a while.

Remember, you own the list. It doesn't own you.

6. When You Can't Create, You Can Work

Henry Miller's 11 Commandments of Writing and Daily Creative Routine lists this incredible piece of advice, "When you can't create, you can work." Instead of waiting for a genius idea or breaking because you can't seem to find creativity, work. Get busy doing something, anything to get your mind into the motion of working and creating. In the midst of making, you will find that your mind is opened.

7. Remind Yourself Why You're Here

Who inspired you to do what you do? What is your favorite thing about the creative process? What do you love about your line of work? Who are some artists you admire?

Remember that most creatives were once in the same position that you are in right now, and could be at this very moment. Finding a way to push through the artist's block is a skill that has to be developed over time.

Create a space where you are reminded of why you do what you do and what you want to accomplish with your work. Allow that to be your driving force behind your work. We find that when artists truly love what they do, it shows and that is when they feel truly successful.



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