Creative Motivation

  In a culture where creativity is thriving, where people are encouraged to use art in its various forms and find beauty in the mundane, new companies are being built to inspire that passion.

One, among many, is The Yellow Conference. Founded on the desire to ignite passion and bring goodness to the world through everyday living, this company composed of ladies is consistently giving hope to those around them. Check out this piece from their blog:

"'I think sometimes creatives get lost in the beauty. We are fascinated by the flames and the shiny ball but what... just a handful of other experiences has taught me, is that creativity is born from the ashes, not the fire itself.'

Even though we might be pretty screwed up when it comes to the idea of 'consistency,' this generation is revamping what 'professionalism' looks like. For many reasons that attribute is a con and in other ways it is absolutely amazing. Years ago, we were only known as starving artists, as unrealistic or irrational but now, we are turning the arts and creativity into more than just superficial entertainment or side gigs, we are turning them into lifestyles. Forming thriving companies that are able to hire team members who can utilize their gifts and abilities instead of spilling into whatever random extracurricular outlet they can fit into their 9-5.

We have the ability to not only be told that we can be 'whatever it is we want to be' but to actually do it.

The paradigm is shifting and we’re the tectonic plates."

At Media Bakery we are constantly looking forward, ready for change and poised to help each designer, buyer and artist we come in contact with. We love knowing that the world of art is appreciated and something worth working harder for.

Lets make something great together. What inspires you?




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