4 Must-Do Spring break Road Trips

4 Must-Do Spring break Road Trips

As the winter weather makes way for sunny spring, we here at Media Bakery are aching to get out there and plan a springtime road trip to explore and capture the natural and cultural beauty of the country. Make sure your route has many interesting features so you have unlimited photography opportunities. Explore areas that have unique landscapes, exceptional photography conditions and fascinating cultural or historical subjects. Here's four road trips we think you'd like:

1. Yosemite

The 1,200-square miles of Yosemite National Park are full of scenic vistas, powerful glaciers, jagged granite and vast wilderness. If you are interested in nature photography, this is the ideal road trip for you.

Yosemite California United States

The renowned Ansel Adams took many of his famous photos within this national park. The texture and depth of the natural landscape translated into awe-inspiring black and white photographs, and the Ansel Adams Wilderness in the southern section of the park is a lasting natural tribute to the photographer.

This park can be explored throughout most of the year; however, some areas may be closed for road construction. Make sure you check out Yosemite’s official website for updates on accessibility and closures.

2. New England

New England is rich in history and natural wonders. The rugged coastline of the region is picturesque and also an enjoyable area for leisure. Routes 1A and 1B take you along the New Hampshire coastline, where you can explore Seabrook and Hampton Beach. These beaches boast many textures within the sands, rocks and waves perfect for visceral photographs.

The beautiful scenic landscape of New Hampshire ´s shoreline which is part of the New England USA seacoast

Make sure to stop at Fort Constitution, an historical site raided by the Colonials in 1774. The Isles of Shoals is a unique archipelago, which can be accessed by boat. The meadowlands of New England are home to many farms and quaint towns. The Middlebury Gap in Vermont features a pass that runs east to west over the Green Mountains. At the east end of the Gap is Texas Falls, a serene waterfall begging to be photographed.

3. Louisiana

If you’re a photographer who loves portraiture, Louisiana is the destination for you. Explore the rural areas of Louisiana, where locals engage in swamp activities such as alligator spotting and crawfish festivals.

Mist Shrouded River

Travel down into New Orleans, where the locals are multi-faceted and lively. The cultural presence is strong with a booming music scene, exquisite restaurants and beautiful French colonial architecture. Capture some photos at one of the free, live springtime music events such as Wednesday at the Square and Jazz in the Park.

4. Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is great for road trips because it offers diverse weather and light conditions, grandiose nature and a wide variety of landscapes. The mountainous areas are full of high-altitude roads and switchbacks.

A car driving on Howland Hill Road towards Stout Grove in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

Take a trip into the Cascade Mountains along Highway 12, where you can easily pull off the road for trailhead access. Head off into the mountains for a small day trip or overnight excursion.

One of the unique things about Washington’s Cascade Range is that it has many old lookout structures. These small cabins on stilts, which are the homes of forest service employees watching for wildfires, would make a perfect vantage point for your sweeping natural photography.


We look forward to seeing what you come up with! Enjoy some time off and the great outdoors or take a look at some of our adventurous photography we're curating on our site. Thanks for stopping by!

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