4 Images Millenials Love

4 Images Millenials Love

The millenial generation continues to grow into a generation of visual creators, learners and seekers. We've noticed trends that catch the eyes of those millenials and have got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you out!  

1. Human Elements / Human Scale

Big or small, millenials love a touch of humanity in pictures. Landscapes do this well by allowing people to bring scale to the photograph.

Rear view of female hiker on mountain during summer

Mid adult man standing on top of boulder on volcanic landscape looking away Iceland

Details allow for the same scale. Inanimate objects feel more alive in a photograph when a human element is added. There's something lovely about that.

Details of family organic harvest


2. Flat Lay / Overhead View

Yes. We're talking mostly about food. Being able to capture an entire table, setting or gathering especially when food is involved can really be a beautiful thing.

Of course, there needs to be a small sense of cleanliness or symmetry - nothing over the top or overly staged, but most probably aren't wanting to see your dirty napkins or the leftovers on every plate.

Whole and sliced Tomatoes on table with sea salt

Overhead view of spoofuls of tumeric and paprika spices on baking tin

You'll get the hang of it. Something a little easier to start with is office work spaces. They also look great from above. Showing where and how you work and what tools you use to accomplish it is something that resonates with everyone.

Mid adult woman at desk, using laptop, holding credit card, overhead view

Still life of group of vintage objects on table

3. Weddings

It is the season, right?

Bride and father dancing and hugging in backyard

Couple driving vintage scooter

Bride and groom cake topper on cake

All things dreamy and things that can be immitated or a source for inspiration are constantly being viewed and sought after.

4. Saturation and Contrast

It's all in the extremes here. Its a boost of color bringing fun and life to a photo.

Overhead view of spoofuls of tumeric and paprika spices on blue background

Older woman wearing sunglasses and flashing gang sign

A lack of saturation creating a flat feel that draws the eyes to the elements rather than the colors.

Bride and groom standing by sea

A man standing with a backdrop of rock pinnacles on the skyline towering over him an overcast sky with low cloud

See what I did there? Bringing back that wedding photography and flat lay style :)


Right in line with saturation, there's a love for a bump in contrast that really makes an image pop. It makes the blacks darker and the whites even brighter.

Mother holding baby son blowing out candles on cake

Red haired cat sleeping in bed

A lack of contrast gives a photo more of a film look, which we all know is to die for.

Parents holding and looking at little baby smiling

Brown horses standing side by side in pasture


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