Stocking Stuffers for Photographers and Aficionados Alike

Stocking Stuffers for Photographers and Aficionados Alike

Christmas shopping is in full swing across America. According to a survey by the American Research Group, an average American will spend $929 on gifts this holiday season (which is up $47 from last year).This is a crazy number and we believe that you don't have to break the bank just to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. After some online research we have compiled a list of gifts for photographers that feature functional and/or fun products at affordable price points. Enjoy:  

1. Bokeh Master's Kit ($24.95)

You've definitely heard of the hype around bokeh, but how does one easily achieve the aesthetic quality of out of focus blur in a photography? This kit is designed to help amateur photographers embark on the creative process by supplying discs in various shapes that attach to your camera lens. The end product features images with blurred, glowing, and shiny backgrounds.



2. Gee-Whiz Smart Phone Projector ($28)

Remember all those times you've stayed up late watching Youtube videos on your phone but your hands kept getting tired? Or those attempts at watching a movie off on your small laptop screen with a group of friends? This DIY cardboard box projector magnifies whatever is playing on your phone onto a wall so that you can share your entertainment  with others while being hands-free.


3. Adobe Photoshop Shorcuts Keyboard Skin ($16.99)

Using Photoshop is such a breeze when you know all of the keyboard shortcuts. This keyboard skin helps novice users of Photoshop increase their speed to that of an expert in no time. It also protects keyboards from getting spills or dirt underneath the keyboard.



4. Camalapse 4 ($29.99)

Taking high quality panaoramic and/or time lapse photos with a smartphone requires patience, time, and a steady hand. Luckily, the Camalapse device lessens the process by allowing users to attach their smartphone to the top and setting it to spin up to 360 degrees in over an hour of time.



5. Camera Buckle Lens Cap Holder ($7.10)

Can you believe that the average photographer loses 3-5 lens caps per year? An American photographer created the capbuckle as a solution to this common problem. The capbuckle attaches to your camera's neck strap and holds your lens cap securely in place. This is a product that many people wished they had when they first got into photography!



6. Golden Hour Tee ($25.00)

Showcase your love for photography lingo with this comfy and casual t-shirt. The image really shows it all.



7. Camera Lens Coffee Mug ($11.99)

For any photographers or enthusiats who wouldn't be caught dead without first having their morning coffee or tea, this gift is a must have. The Lens Coffee Mug is a replica of Canon Lens Model EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM and it holds up to 13.5 ounces of hot or cold beverages.




8. Hardcover Photo Book ($69  for 50 pages)

The hardcover book features a striking minimal presentation, 100% recycled interior pages, and a fabric cover with a full dust jacket.  Either create your own book with your memories to share with loved ones/friends or give a gift certificate to a photographer who would love to have a book of their work for their coffeetable.



9. Pouch Beanie Knit ( $49 )

This 2-in-1 accessory is both a protective camera pouch and a stylish beanie. It features a built-in bungee cord when used a s pouch to secures lenses for easy transport. Any photographer who has a variety of lenses and likes to shoot in cold places will find use for this product.



10. Carrysafe Anti-theft Sling Camera Strap ($49.95)

Any photographer who has traveled to an unfamiliar place with their coveted camera knows that they need to be aware of their surroundings. While some anti-theft gear can be clunky and obvious this thin strap does not call attention to you as a overly cautious tourist. What others don't know are that the straps are made out of two flexible stainless steel wires that are terribly hard to cut. Sneaky right?



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