The Case For Compelling Imagery in your Blog

The Case For Compelling Imagery in your Blog


The phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words" has never been more true. Good blogging is no longer just about getting plain text and links on a page, it is all about a combination of text, videos, slides, tables, infographics, and high quality images. For professionals with strong writing, the addition of compelling imagery makes content stand out as well as giving it a deeper meaning. As getting attention in the digital world gets more and more competitive, bloggers, marketers, and creatives alike need to regard photos as essential as text in blog posts. Here are the reasons why images are crucial to blog posts in 2017:

Strong imagery slows down the stream of content

Users are navigating in a river full of posts that consist of mainly text. The issue with this is that text is easily skimmed over and tossed aside into the depths of the web. Strong imagery stops users dead in their tracks, pulling viewers out of their largely RSS focused mindset. When this happens, posts with visuals garner focused attention in users which can bring about measurable conversions.

Images make information easier to remember

The "pictoral superiority effect" refers to the notion that concepts learned from viewing pictures are more easily recalled than concepts learned by reading text. So you want your users to remember something central to your brand? Transfer the information you want to communicate to your users to in a picture format and watch brand awareness skyrocket.

Indications that a site has high quality content

It is now a norm that high quality businesses and brands will utilize images with text. With this shift, consumers now unconsciously place a higher value in the side-by-side placement of imagery and stories. Coupled together, text and images create a force that drives higher views, engagement, and shares.

Thoughtful imagery creates brand identity and aesthetic

Consistently used imagery can attach a visual association with a brand. If a food blogger decides to use a certain light room preset on every post, that uniform imagery will help them build a visually pleasing brand associated with their blog. Followers will be given a reason to come back when they know they will be delivered a desired feel and look.

When paired with effective copy, imagery builds anticipation and drives inspiration

Positioned right before text, compelling imagery has the ability to inspire readers before they even gain an understanding of the purpose of the piece. If two blogs had the same material, but one employed effective imagery, the extra bit of effort creates a larger impact on the audience.

Images Foster Virality

A well-written blog is only a valuable asset if people are able to access it. When blog posts are socialized on social media platforms they need to have images accompanying them. Content that features images are four times more likely of going viral than content with only text.

To ensure that your blog posts contain amazing pictures you have several options: take your own photos, use free stock photos online, or invest in affordable stock photography! Whatever you decide to do, make sure that each photo adds value to the written content and your brand.











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