Reworking Love - Valentine's Day Marketing Guide

Valentine's Day is yet another holiday in which marketers are looking for a way to capitalize on the buzz happening online and get their brand name out in the market. With all of the other marketers doing the same exact thing, it is crucial to differentiate your content from that of your competitors.

As images of pink candy hearts and couples passionately kissing are already beginning to flood your newsfeed in the week before Valentine's Day, there are a few strategies you can employ to ensure that the content produced will be memorable and draw people in.

Affectionate bearded man with tattoos kissing dog at remote lakeside


1. Break Tradition

Boxes of chocolates, hand-picked bouquets of roses, heart-shaped lollipops, and cupids are all deeply intertwined with our perception of Valentine's Day. Even though they are central symbols do they still resonate with your customers? Spend some time thinking outside of the box to see if you can rework these symbols to resonate with your brand identity, so you aren't sending the same cut-and-dried imagery as your competitors.


Three takeaway cups of coffee with heart shaped tops

2. Be Inclusive

In our ever-changing world where not everyone can fit into the mold of the happy heterosexual couple, the conventional Valentine's Day chronicle no longer is believable. Effective Valentine's Day marketing campaigns acknowledge this by including images of same-sex couples and people who are happy being single. This creates an inclusive environment that reveals that love takes many forms.

Back view of two women holding hands on the street

3. Stray From The Obvious

If you haven't caught on yet, here at Snapwire we think that the way that "love" is represented in photography is problematic and outdated. So many photos on the market attempt to depict such an authentic emotion, yet the majority of them appear to be a part of a new hallmark collection. Since the point of photography is to convey an interpretation of reality, the best photos don't just show a symbol, they reveal a message through it. A couple holding hands in front of a dramatic sunset sparks no curiosity because it has been seem time and time again.

Woman forming heart-shape with hands in crowd at summer music festival

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