Marketing Trends of 2017

In the digital age we live in, everything is constantly changing. Now more than ever it’s important for brands to stay aware of techniques, social media and popular culture in order to stay relevant. Brands must take note of what is popular and what is not and apply these strategies successfully. It’s not just enough to have social media outlets to reach out to your audience, you must stay sharp on every new tool that makes itself available. Here we touch on several trends we’ve noticed in 2017 that are proving to be very beneficial to marketing initiative


    • Snapchat has become one of the fastest-growing social networks with 100 million daily active users and 400 million snaps per day. Snapchat allows for real-time social media marketing by offering the audience access to live events or behind the scenes content.
    • Due to its large presence, social media influencers on snapchat can help spread brand awareness and reach in a way that feels authentic and unique.
    • The nature of Snapchat’s short-lived content is a key attraction to millennials. More than 60% of 13-34 year olds in the US with smartphones use Snapchat. Though your content won’t last forever on this platform, if you use the platform to your advantage you’ll be able to harness long lasting subscribers by frequently offering interesting and engaging content.


Mobile Video

    • Recently, we’ve seen a large shift to mobile videos - especially on Facebook. Mobile video views grew 6x faster than desktop views in 2015. The shift from desktop to mobile devices as well as content from text to video has led to the success of brands such as BuzzFeed, Insider, and more! In order to use this strategy successfully, brands must create short videos (no longer than a couple minutes) about something of relevance to your subscribers. Use text to highlight important details as well as interesting cuts and editing techniques. Videos must be visually pleasing to watch as well as interesting to the viewer while being long enough to communicate what is intended but short enough that the viewer doesn’t lose interest. The major draw of mobile video is that it is a news article summed up in a 2 minute video. 

Live Streaming

    • With the release of Facebook’s live streaming, companies have their own makeshift TV channel that has direct access to their followers and subscribers. This is an extremely powerful marketing tool in that it can garner thousands of viewers, likes and comments within minutes due to the draw of live video. It creates a wonder of “what’s next?”.
    • To use this strategy successfully, brands must understand that live streaming is very different than producing a polished and edited video - and that’s the point. Live-streaming is about creating a two-way exchange between brand and audience in order to open communication. Use live-streaming to your advantage by starting Q&As, by making special announcements, interviewing people or broadcasting live events or a glimpse behind the scenes.




    • Marketing has largely been focused on appealing to the masses - however the public wants a change. Now more than ever its important for brands and companies to be politically correct and inclusive in their marketing strategies. It is now beneficial for brands to celebrate society’s diversity in their marketing strategy. Society has become more politically aware and wants to see that the brands they trust are acting responsibly and inclusively. Instead of using content that portrays the cliche, over idealized notion of society we’ve all seen, it’s time to get real and celebrate the diversity we see in the real world by portraying minorities and marginalized groups in marketing strategies. “Normal” doesn’t exist anymore, its all about being different.



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