8 Inspirational Designers To Follow On Instagram

Social media is the perfect platform to explore the projects of influential designers around the world. By following some of the best designers in the game, you can assemble a consistent feed of visual inspiration to fuel your daily creativity.  Whatever industry you work in, a constant feed of innovative images will keep you on board with new trends, inspire your artistic work, and just help you pass the time at the office when the day is slow. We have picked our favorite designers for you to check out so that you can start seeing some of the most daring work out there.


  1. Timothy Goodman

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Goodman is a versatile New-York City based illustrator, designer, and author whose distinct style emanates in all of his works. His notorious book "40 Days of Dating," is an experiment between him and Jessica Walsh to date each other for forty days while writing down all of their feelings in the process. It is an insightful book about modern-day dating that is hilarious and relatable to anyone in the dating scene.

2. Jon Contino

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Contino is a famous New York designer and artist who blends old and new world aesthetics in a unique minimal style. During his career he has digitized hand lettering, blurred industry boundaries, and made a name for himself in design, fashion, and typography. His New York street style has been sought after by brands such as Nike, American Express, and Cole Haan.


3. Jessica Walsh 

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Walsh is an art director, designer and "color-lover" at Sagmeister & Walsh, who has designed for the New York Times, Levis', Jay-Z, and Barney's. She also was the co-creator of the book "40 Days of Dating with the aforementioned Timothy Goodman. Her work has been so influential that she was named one of the 3"0 under 30 top creatives designing the future" by Forbes Magazine!

4. Daniel Aristizábal

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.45.19 AM.png

Aristizábal is a Columbian artist, illustrator, and graphic designer who creates surreal images inspired by Cubism, Dadaism, and Futurism. His work features geometric shapes, pastel colors, and the focus on the absurdity of nonsense. With a passion for 3D rendering technologies, brands such as Coach, Hatsu, and Refinery 29 have worked with him on their campaigns.

5. Kate Moross

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Moross is an award-winning designer who art directs and brands some of the biggest musicians on the scene. Her signature styles features saturated colors, sleek fonts, and digital shapes to create an intriguing aesthetic. From working with Disclosure, Katy Perry, VICE, and MTV, Moross has designed album covers, murals, music visuals, and more.

6. Andres Hansen 

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.01.05 PM.png

Hansen is a designer with a passion for typography, abstract designs, and black and white. He works for A-Space, a branding and design agency in Copenhagen that work with brands such as Adidas, ELLE, and Spiri. His Instagram feed screams cohesion and aesthetic.

7. Anthony Burrill

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.08.49 PM.png

Burrill is a graphic artist, printmaker, and designer with a positive and in your face style. Pieces of his work are in museums in London and New York. His clients include Google, Apple, London Underground, and the Design Museum. His mantra is “Work Hard and Be Nice to People," which has become a mantra for the design community and beyond.

8. David Milan

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.17.46 PM.png

Milan is a Spanish based typographer, designer, and lettering artist who started off his career creating graffiti in Mexico. He now creates logotypes for brands such as LATTE Co., Lazy Afternoon photography, and Jibao Skateboards. With smooth and flowing lettering, a cohesive font style, and limitless creativity, Milan has created a name for himself in the design world.


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