How To Find Custom Content That Fits Your Brand

How To Find Custom Content That Fits Your Brand

When searching for custom content it's easy to get lost in a sea of images and forget what you were looking for in the first place. To help you navigate the sometimes-scary world of content marketing we've created this foolproof 4-step guide to keep you on track and in control. 

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Every brand is unique. It's because of this that your brand will attract an audience specific to your product. In finding content that works for your brand, you must acknowledge the audience that you are catering to. By understanding your audience, you can better match content to the consumer and boost your audience engagement. If your audience is mostly composed of Millennial consumers you should cater to them differently than an audience composed of Gen Xers or Baby Boomers. Even within generations, there are many different audience types and subcategories that should be addressed in content marketing like location, needs, personalities, lifestyles and attitudes. While not every consumer will perfectly match your intended target audience, there should be enough overlap to successfully engage a loyal following.  

2. Create a Brand Image 

While searching for content, it's important to have in mind a certain brand aesthetic in order to ensure a more cohesive page. This means finding images and articles that fit together to build a brand image, a way for consumers to see and categorize your brand. By remaining consistent in the content you are posting, you build a relationship with your target audience that keeps them coming back to your page when looking for something they unknowingly associate with your brand. 

3. Use Analytics to See What Works 

Many different sites offer data on page analytics that allow you to see what posts have generated the most traffic to your page. By looking at these stats you can see what kind of content your audience is bypassing and what they are finding helpful. This can allow you to alter your brand image to better fit your audience's interests and increase consumer loyalty.

4. Compile a List of Keywords  

When on sites like  Media Bakery you are given the option to search for photos using keywords. To find content that fits your brand image, compile a list of keywords corresponding to your brand aesthetic or target audience that you can search for. This will not only make it easier to find the content you are looking for but will also help you find inspiration for future content.  

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