Choosing the Right Camera For You.

Choosing the Right Camera For You.

Choosing the perfect camera is not always an easy task. Determine the type of style you are shooting and your level of expertise to find your perfect match. 

A photographer may shoot many styles, but every photographer has a favorite style. Choose which style you will focus on because the right camera can turn your vision into reality. 


Style 1: Architecture, Landscape, Nature, and Travel

For this style, you need a camera that is not only lightweight but also has a quick autofocus and outstanding lighting capabilities. 

Style 2: Portraits, Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty

When shooting people, you need to have a camera that has convenient adjustable functions, a good white balance and great resolution.  

Levels of Expertise 

Your level of expertise helps determine which type of camera you should buy. Below are the three main levels that can help point you in the right direction.


A beginner is a hobby photographer or someone who does not know much about photography. If you are in this category; a standard point and shoot camera is the best option to learn the basics. Canon and Sony have good and affordable options. Amazon and Best Buy are good places to start searching for your first camera. 


If you know the basics such as composition, focal length, and lighting then a cropped sensor DSL camera is the best option for you. These cameras are able to produce high quality pictures without you having to make a huge financial commitment. Cropped sensor factor refers to the size of a camera's sensor not the lens focal length.  For more information of the crop factor use this link


You are a seasoned professional and want to make a career out of photography, then you need a full frame DSLR. A full frame sensor can provide a broader dynamic range and better low light/high ISO performance yielding a very high quality. For the best full frame cameras of 2018 according to TechRadar, check out this link.  

If you are a style 2 type of photographer, try a mirrorless camera. However, If you are a style 1 type of photographer, you may want to try a camera that is a bit more bulky and make sure to pair it with a 35, 50 or 85 mm lens.

Have fun finding your perfect camera and good luck. 




New Image Packs For All Your Favorite Collections

New Image Packs For All Your Favorite Collections