Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start purchasing on Media Bakery?

Purchasing content on Media Bakery is simple. Creating an account is free and easy. Simply click on sign up to get started where you’ll have access to free research, high-res comps, and much more.

Do you offer Net-30 terms?

Yes, we offer net-30 payment terms to all our corporate clients. Please contact us to get your account set up properly. Once we have your account flagged for Net-30 all future purchases will be billed as such. You can still pay your invoices that are due by credit card if you prefer or we can accept P.O.’s as well.

How do I get access to Unwatermarked Comps?

Client presentations are extremely important. We’re happy to provide you with high res unwatermarked comps to ensure your pitch goes smoothly. Contact to get started with setting your account up with High-res comp access. To download a comp (watermarked or unwatermarked) click on which size you would like to download and then click on the download comp button to the left of add to cart.

What type of image licenses do we offer?

On Media Bakery, we offer editorial and commercial licesening solutions under two models: Royalty Free and Rights Managed Licenses. If you sell a product or service, you automatically have a commercialized need for stock photography in order to support any required marketing collateral. Because of that, you need to license the rights to use an image for that commercial need. If you are using an image to illustrate and idea or concept for non-commercial purposes, you'll be licensing an image for editorial purposes. Both uses require a paid licensing fee for images on Media Bakery. Please refer to Licenses in our website footer to read more about Royalty Free and Rights Managed licenses.

What are Collections?

Collections are our version of “Lightboxes”. They allow you to save images into organized folders, name them as you like, and email them to team members. You can make your collections private so only you can view them, or you can make them public so other people in your organization can see. To get started click on the “plus” button that appears when you hover over an image or simply create a new collection in the footer when you click on an image. You should see your collections appear in your profile where you can organize them and change their names or settings.

How can I narrow my search results?

We offer a comprehensive Advanced Search tool so you can find just what you’re looking for. You can find the Advanced Search by looking for the search icon on the left side of your search results. Click the icon and select what filters you would like to apply to your search results. You can also reset your selections by clicking the Reset button in the upper right corner of the advanced search tool.

How do I download my image(s)?

After purchasing you have several options to download your images. You have the option to download individual images in the order you just placed immediately after purchasing. You can also “batch” download an entire order by either clicking on the Batch Download button immediately after an order. Alternatively you can “batch” download and entire past invoice by clicking downloads and then then invoices. There you should see a batch download button allowing you to perform the same function. In either case you will receive an email with your entire order ready to download shortly after your request.

What is the Media Bakery Collective?

The Media Bakery Collective is our collection of hand-picked photographers who supply us with 100% exclusive content. These are premium images that can be found nowhere else. New content is constantly added from Media Bakery Collective photographers to ensure a fresh look on old concepts or to capture emerging trends.

Can I change the size of the image I just purchased?

Yes, please email to make changes to a recent order placed with us. As long as you are enrolled with our Net-30 terms you can make most changes to an order within your 30 day window. If you are not on Net-30 terms account then we evaluate changes on a case by case basis.

Do you offer Rights Managed imagery?

Yes, we offer a wide selection of Rights Managed imagery. Prices are calculated on a case by case basis using our pricing calculator.

Do you offer help searching for content?

Yes, we offer free research to all our customers. To get started please email with a description of what you’re looking for. Our team will create a dedicated collection for your search request in your account so you can share the results with your team.

Deposits for Future Purchases

Some times you need to park your budget before you spend it. At Media Bakery, we are happy to set you up with a positive balance account. You can make deposits of any amount over $500 to your account via credit card, pre-paid purchase orders, wire, or check. Your pre-pay deposits never expire. If you want to deposit to achieve a positive balance, please contact us.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, and Wires or Checks for our clients with payment terms.

I’m a photographer. How do I submit my images?

If you would like to submit images to our exclusive collection, the Media Bakery Collective, please head over to our Contributor link in the footer to apply. There you can find more on what we accept, the requirements for submitting, and fill out your application. If we feel you’d be a fit for the Media Bakery Collective then we will contact you.

What are Galleries?

Galleries are for our photographers. They allow photographers to organize photos by a specific shoot or concept allowing you to view their photos in a more organized way in their profile.

Why should I “like” individual images on Media Bakery?

Likes allow you to have an organized feed of images that you can use for general inspiration.

Why should I “follow” photographers on Media Bakery?

Following photographers gives you a personalized feed of images from the photographers who inspire you the most. When they upload to Media Bakery, your following feed is updated too. This is especially helpful when you are looking for photographers you would like to recruit if you are launching an Assignment

What are Assignments?

Assignments is a unique premium offering allowing you to request custom imagery from the Media Bakery Collective photographers. You can build your own custom image library with any Collective photographer. Please refer to our Assignments section to learn more.

Do you offer multiple carts

On Media Bakery, you can use multiple shopping carts to manage and price out costs for complex projects. To access multiple shopping carts, add an image to the cart by using the shopping cart icon. You can then click on the cart in the header of the website to name, rename, and toggle between shopping carts.

Do you offer subscriptions?

Currently we do not offer subscriptions. We do however, offer credit accounts allowing you to have a positive balance on your account and making purchases simple and quick. Contact Us to set up a credit for your account.

How many seats come standard with your licenses? Can I purchase more?

All assets purchased with Media Bakery come standard with 10 seats. Seats are defined as the number of individual employees having access to the asset. You must purchase additional seat licenses if there are more than ten (10) Users accessing the material. You can purchase unlimited seats for $100 per asset.